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    What’s Left? Call Me Lefty

    lefty \ ˈlef-tē \ plural lefties 1: LEFT-HANDER 2: an advocate of leftism Might I add another? How about a right-hander who has had major shoulder surgery and, for the next six weeks, will be wearing a gigantic, mega-huge sling on her dominant arm? I’m discovering that there are very few things I can do by using only my left hand or arm. Frustrating? Sure. But I guess I’m grateful the pandemic taught me to stay in and chill out. Easy do it. Unfortunately, it did…

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    Gun Violence and Passive Voice

    It breaks my heart that gun violence has become an evergreen topic, but here we are. I won’t list them but the Gun Violence Archive does. It’s unsettling to look at the list and see how many of these terrible tragedies have already faded in memory. The following is an update of post that appeared here three years ago. ## What do you see when I say “passive?” Hankie-totin’ Southern ladies on their fainting couches? Perhaps a heroine, reenacting The Perils of Pauline, tied to the…

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    Travel Safety for Families

    Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start of summer is around the corner.  While some are scouring local papers for fun and interesting stay-cation options, others are planning to hit the road…or even “the friendly skies.” Even though we don’t like to think about it, it can be pretty stressful when things go wrong when we are far from home; a little pre-planning can sometimes help parents find just the right balance between “adventure” and “safety.” [Tweet “Planning can help parents find the right balance between…