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    Hey Human — Isn’t It Time to Fly Now?

    Humans don’t fly, right? Sure they do. Who remembers learning how to ride a bike? Didn’t it feel like flying? All of a sudden, we were able to move at a formerly incomprehensible speed, leaving ordinarily life a dot disappearing in our wake. These days, biking is more like a cruise through nearby neighborhoods at a speed that lets me notice. And today’s ride was literally for the birds. Moving the bike from the garage was halted by the presence of a hawk on the wire.…

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    Silly, Stupid, Proud Momma Moment

    My step-son was born and raised in Germany. This Momma came into his life when he was about 5 years old and I am grateful that I did. He is an important and cherished part of this crazy extended family I belong to. We are almost at the end of our time together. In a little under 48 hours, two of us will fly east and he will head back west to catch his international flight. The way things go in airports these days, it should…

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    There Is No ‘Away’

    “What’s happening with  the LGBTQIA+ kids in the foster care system here?” My question landed with a thud. “Crickets,” as they say. I have no idea how the mic made its way to my hand or how I ended up on my feet in front of a group of about fifty strangers and a few friends. My husband and I were at a community conversation about the LGBTQIA+ community in our town and my intention had been simply to be a good ally. To vote with…