Nutrition for Resilience

Cooking for a family sometimes means coming up short in the “idea department.” Between food sensitivities, childhood obesity, anti-inflammatory diets, and the notion that at least ONE meatless day per week is of benefit to humans AND the planet… Who can keep up???

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And while you’re at it, check out the links on nutrition, creating a healthy environment and other ways to build value. Here are a few blogs and sites I like for inspiration.


  • All Recipes: Searchable database with “personal recipe box” for saving, noting changes, etc. It also creates shopping lists!
  • Serious Eats: Good food, an online community, recipes, blogs and fun.
  • The author calls this a “recipe journal.” I call it breathtakingly beautiful. (And the recipes focus on healthy, natural ingredients.)
  • Nutrition – Information about ‘what we eat and why’ continues to change. Here’s a place to check what you know.
  • The Paleo Mom is a scientist turned stay-at-home Mom.  She has a great website along with books explaining the science behind the “paleo” diet and how to make modifications for various auto-immune illnesses.
  • 4-H – Take a closer look at 4-H and their new interactive website, for kids, adults, volunteers and staff.
  • Healthy Child is inspiring a movement that inspires parents to protect young children from harmful chemicals.

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