10 #TICA Tweets to Share


TICA-Front-CoverLove your copy of The Inner Critic Advantage? Want to help spread the word? If you’ve got a Twitter account you can click on any (or all) of the 10 #TICA Tweets we’ve written below. (Can you picture #TICA as a trending hashtag? I can!) Thanks for helping get the word out. You’re helping to make the world a happier place, one Inner Critic at a time!



[Tweet “Ready to make peace with the noise in your head? This is for you. http://bit.ly/10TweetPst”]

[Tweet “Everyone’s got an Inner Critic. Learn how to love yours. http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Want to make peace with the noise in your head? This should help. http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Trying to silence the Inner Critic makes it worse. Try this. http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Transform your stress to strength. Get the Inner Critic Advantage!  http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Isn’t it time to love ALL of you? Even the Inner Critic?  http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Tired of letting your brain kick your butt?  http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Happily-better-after with your Inner Critic? Yup! http://bit.ly/10toTweet “]

[Tweet “What if that Inner Critic was really on YOUR side? http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]

[Tweet “Everyone’s got an inner critic. Learn  to work with yours!  http://bit.ly/10toTweet”]