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    Movie Monday: 6 True Stories for Lovers of Legal Thrillers

    One of the side effects of pandemic life is that lots of us are consuming much more media than we did during other times in our lives. Lots of phone and Zoom calls now include a little bit of time to let our inner film critics come out and play together. Questions like “Who has a good series to suggest?” and “Any movie recommendations to share?” are a much more common part of conversations with others. I’m someone who writes mostly creative non-fiction and, for the…

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    Hopeful Trending in 2021 or What Bernie Memes Mean to Me

    Oh, boy. It seems that the wild ride that was the most welcome end of 2020 and early January news kept many of us from the annual “what’s hot and what’s not” lists. My family’s temporary relocation has postponed my pithy observations even longer. Most of the time I’m just amused by the trends predicted for a new year but this time was different. I was at least mildly curious about color and fashion trends, but what I really wondered was how any 2021 trends (and,…

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    Meet 7 Friends Tweeting in the New Year

    It seems that after the wild ride that was 2020 there was an almost audible collective sigh of relief as the page on the calendar turned to the new year. Some of those people shared both hopeful new year greetings and more typical messages to friends and online followers. I enjoy exploring social media and especially appreciate Twitter as a way to explore unfamiliar ideas, stay in touch with friends, and to connect with new people. And I’ve provided Twitter “handles” (@ immediately followed by name)…

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    Don’t Panic When Time Moves Too Fast — Click Here to Opt Out

    This first appeared before the arrival of Covid-19 so I guess that most of our family members were a bit more prepared for these scaled back holidays. And, with the exception of limited opportunities to exercise volition, I’m feeling a lot of the same things. Opt Out of a Whole Bunch of Frantic? From giant Thanksgiving meals to champagne at midnight on the last day of the year and a whole bunch of frantic in between… ’tis the season. Fa-la-la. And if it’s true that time moves…