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    What’s Left? Call Me Lefty

    lefty \ ˈlef-tē \ plural lefties 1: LEFT-HANDER 2: an advocate of leftism Might I add another? How about a right-hander who has had major shoulder surgery and, for the next six weeks, will be wearing a gigantic, mega-huge sling on her dominant arm? I’m discovering that there are very few things I can do by using only my left hand or arm. Frustrating? Sure. But I guess I’m grateful the pandemic taught me to stay in and chill out. Easy do it. Unfortunately, it did…

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    Queens Put the ‘Fun’ Into Fundraising

    Some of us first encountered drag queens at the movies. (Remember when we used to *go* to the movies?) I think you’ll agree that lovely, loving movies like To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, Tootsie and even Hairspray left us hoping that everything the queens wanted would come true! I have a fond memory of watching The Birdcage with my former mother-in-law and her homophobic son. (FORMER is a very key word in that previous sentence as homophobia was the least of his many…

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    Becoming a Pig Spotter on I-95

    There’s something to be said for local knowledge. Some of my southern relatives have a level of fear when they think about driving on the hilly, curvy roads of the northeast. Our California friends thought I was silly to want a wildfire app on my last trip to that side of the country. And then there are those who take tornadoes and hurricanes as much in stride as I do snow storms and secondary roads. Useful local knowledge does not need to be limited to dramatic…