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    How Do You Drive Change?

    For a very long time I have wanted a travel van that would allow me to launch some spontaneous and comfortable travel. Last year, Favorite Husband and I did an accidental trial run. The pandemic was in full swing so our focus was on minimizing contact with others. I don’t think it was part of the plan, but a blinding rain storm made it impossible to continue highway driving and dictated that we spend one night in a parking lot. We slept in our slightly cramped vehicle…

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    When Self-Nurturing Bites Back

    I’m a big fan of self-nurturing. I believe in ninja-level self-care. Who knows what I need better than I do?  (And how else would I have survived more than two decades as a human services provider?) Family court, criminal court, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental illness and addiction. Each is a lot on its own. Unfortunately, as we become more experienced, those issues begin to pile up. To overlap and intersect — also a lot. And, from an employee point of view? It’s a part…

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    What’s Left? Call Me Lefty

    lefty \ ˈlef-tē \ plural lefties 1: LEFT-HANDER 2: an advocate of leftism Might I add another? How about a right-hander who has had major shoulder surgery and, for the next six weeks, will be wearing a gigantic, mega-huge sling on her dominant arm? I’m discovering that there are very few things I can do by using only my left hand or arm. Frustrating? Sure. But I guess I’m grateful the pandemic taught me to stay in and chill out. Easy do it. Unfortunately, it did…