The Inner Critic Advantage



Isn’t it time you stopped letting your brain kick your butt? You really can make your inner critic an inner ally.

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Everyone’s got an inner critic. Have you tried to silence it? Ignore it? It didn’t work, did it? It’s not your fault: popular quick- fix tactics can ultimately make it worse. The Inner Critic Advantage can help you re-imagine that confidence-crushing voice, appreciate the power in that part of your brain, and develop sure- fire strategies to turn that critic into your strongest ally.

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What if you could:
• Recognize your inner critic as a powerful secret weapon
• Discover why inner critics are so darned strong
• Transform your inner critic from stress to strength
• Use it to speed ahead of your competition
• Give your best ideas a better chance to thrive
• Develop ninja-level self-care skills
• Tackle change with curiosity and confidence

“In The Inner Critic Advantage, Andrea Patten offers a fresh and intriguing perspective: welcome your inner critic with patience, curiosity, and humor. Thought-provoking and well written.” —Penny Ziegler, M.D.

“Andrea doesn’t just deliver great advice and innovative strategies. She gives her readers gifts few authors offer: compassion, respect, and love. She really wants them to thrive, and that comes through in every line of this warm, wonderful book.” —Tim Vandehey, co-author, Produced By Faith and The Wait

Who couldn’t use another ally? Let The Inner Critic Advantage point you in a more peaceful and productive direction.

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This just in…. Guess which one of my books just won first place for self-help in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association national competition! I feel particularly honored because most of the judges were librarians.