Trainer “To Go”

Southernmost point

When does “retreat” mean “advance?”

When getting away moves you closer to where you want to go.  Sometimes it takes a change of scene.

“The view is different from the top” is not just an expression.  Changes of scene and routine can be just the ticket for ramping up creativity or fast-tracking a project.

The lure of chores and routines and lists and “to-dos” sometimes help us substitute activity for accomplishment, busy-ness for business.  Chaos for creativity.

One of the reasons big companies invest in high-level retreats is because they work. Execs leave behind cell phones and bring on their creative genius.  A trained facilitator guides them through a process to help identify priorities, develop strategies and allocate the resources they’ll need to succeed.

If you’ve ever dismissed those trips as thinly-veiled vacations, you may be missing out on something important.  The beautiful place, good food and cool activities are not wasteful or extravagant: they express “value” in a way that helps participants raise performance.

Solo-preneurs need good tools, too.  Whether you work alone or lead a large team, you ARE your business.  It’s easy to become isolated… or surrounded by people who tell you what they think you want to hear.  Putting out fires rather than preventing them in the first place.

For years I have been creating high-quality planning, training, team-building events and celebrations.  Here’s your chance take advantage of a similar process… but on a scale and a budget that fits you.  Custom-designed retreats and workshops enable individuals and small teams to:

  • Rehearse and restructure an important presentation
  • Complete a fundraising, strategic or new work plan
  • Outline a semester-long course
  • Identify new revenue sources and develop marketing plan
  • Write the first draft of an entire book in a weekend
  • Create a detailed personal vision and corresponding goal plan
  • Grasp the “why” of social media and get started on the “how”

So here’s a hard question for YOU:

Do you really think that big companies should be the only ones with access to great tools?

Where do you want to go?  Who do you want to bring along and what do you want to get done while you’re there? Let’s talk about where you’re stuck and see if it’s time to create an affordable executive retreat that’s all about YOU.

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