Safety & Crisis


SAFETY (Photo credit: calignosus)
  • FCC recognizes that the Internet is a great tool for learning and research. Their website offers parents advice on how to keep kids safe online.
  • If you’re specifically concerned about bullying, we’ve got some additional resources here.
  • Verizon offers some simple steps to start teaching parents to help kids stay cyber-safe.
  • Noah Health contains all kinds of health topics including accident prevention and safety in the home.
  • National Safety Council is a public service organization dedicated to prevention of accidental injuries and death
  • Even if you’ve had training, it never hurts to review our skills. The Parents’ Guide to First Aid can give you an idea of where to start.
  • In some parts of the country, changes of season have a big impact on the way we live.  Check out these Summer Safety Tips for hot weather reminders.

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