Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Abuse Resources for Families

people standing on shore during golden hourParents everywhere are concerned about protecting their children.

Those who have struggled with the impact of alcohol and drug abuse in their own lives worry about increasing resilience in their homes. I worked in the addiction recovery field for many years and am familiar with the devastation addictive disorders can bring into families.

The links provided here range from “The Science Behind Drug Abuse”(information) to personal support “Al-Anon Family Groups.”  Although I have received may requests, there are no specific treatment facilities listed; I’m no longer a praciticing clinician and am not personally familiar with mot of them.  These are information-dense, non-ocmmercial sites to provide a variety of starting points and perspectives.

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  • National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Too Smart to Start helps tools for youth, families, educators and communities to help prevent underage drinking
  • The NIDA for Teens page has a section for parents to help talk to kids about the Science Behind Drug Abuse.
  • Initiative to Stop Underage Drinking with materials provided by 15 different agencies
  • Al-Anon Family Groups provides strength and hope for friends and families of problem drinkers, Nar-Anon provides similar support for families of addiction. Depending on your family’s particular issues, you may also want to check Families Anonymous and Co-Anon.
  • Above the Influence is a site directed to teens and young adults. It features a variety of drug facts, resources to get help for friends… and an opportunity to write for them.
  • Take a look at the difference between binge drinking and alcoholism here.  It’s especially important information for high school and college students… and their parents.
  • Tobacco Free Kids — because we’re still having this conversation.
  • Did you know that eating dinner together is an important tool for preventing alcohol and drug abuse?  Suppers for Sobriety
  • Want to know what happens when an addicted person stops using?  Take a look at
  • Students Taking Action Not Drugs (STAND)  College-level alcohol & drug abuse prevention program,  mobilizing students to reduce substance abuse on their campuses.
  • This site is aimed at improving alcohol-related culture on college campuses.
  • Association of Persons Affected by Addiction  Designed to engage the faces and voices of the recovery community in reducing stigma and providing community support.don't give up. You are not alone, you matter signage on metal fence
  • Keep Coming Back  A site with news, research, interviews and networking opportunities.
  • Voices for Recovery  Center to create a safe and welcoming space for LGBT folks in recovery from alcohol & drug abuse.
  • SMART Recovery has a program to help people recover from a variety of addictive behaviors.
  •  provides a variety of information to those seeking treatment.
  • Fortune Society provides peer-to-peer recovery support services to ex-prisoners and their families who are working toward recovery from alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Awakening the Recovery Spirit  A recovery community organization of, by, and for the Eastern Bank of Cherokee people.
  • Easy Does It  Organizes committees that focus on holistic approaches to personal growth within the recovery process.
  • Anchor Media Online and print magazine for families embracing a healthy recovery lifestyle.


If you need an abbreviated, printable version of this guide? Just click Recovery Resources for Families to download.



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