Thinking & Learning

I get excited about learning new things and finding new ways to learn.  Reading, language, math….   exploring native languages or testing your vocabulary while doing your part to end world hunger… the impact of music on the brain….

I’ve always thought the ‘name of the game’ is to develop thinking skills and learn how to love learning.

  • ADHD Coach…  Laura Rolands offers tips to help both adults and kids to increase productivity and focus.
  • First Book Program offers new, age-appropriate books for children in need, because one of the most important factors affecting literacy is access to books.
  • Free Rice is a great way to improve your vocabulary and help stamp out hunger. For each answer you get right, they donate rice through the UN World Food Program.
  • This site supports The People’s History of the U.S.
  • ThinkFinity ~ the Verizon Foundation offers more than 50,000 lessons and materials for students.

  • LD Pride offers information about learning styles and multiple intelligences, as well as a resource for people with learning disabilities.
  • Links to Literacy is a site to connect educators, parents and children through literacy.
  • What began as National Novel Writing Month ( NaNoWriMo every November) has grown to include events dedicated to editing and finishing as well as scripts and… Just go check it out.  It’s loads of fun and the Young Writers Program connects classrooms!
  • Suzuki Association When the founder of the method realized that children easily learn their native languages, he developed “the mother-tongue approach” to learning music.
  • Varsity Vocals is dedicated to encouraging people around the globe to sing a cappella

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