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    Gun Violence and Passive Voice

    It breaks my heart that gun violence has become an evergreen topic, but here we are. I won’t list them but the Gun Violence Archive does. It’s unsettling to look at the list and see how many of these terrible tragedies have already faded in memory. The following is an update of post that appeared here three years ago. ## What do you see when I say “passive?” Hankie-totin’ Southern ladies on their fainting couches? Perhaps a heroine, reenacting The Perils of Pauline, tied to the…

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    What is Banned Books Week and Why You Should Care

    How often do you think about censorship? Banned books? I tend to think of censorship as it pertains to history — something that hasn’t happened much since the McCarthy era, right? So would you be surprised to find out that the American Library Association maintains a list of challenged (and sometimes banned) books by year? I was. I am disgusted by the concept of censorship. It’s not difficult to connect dots between banning certain books and trends in discrimination. Besides, learning to sort through ideas with which…

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    9 Greetings: A Weekly Tweet -er

    Greets, tweets! Remember how much we all looked forward to the Weekly Reader? Well here’s your Weekly Tweeter! Relax, I know that not all of you are on Twitter. I find it a pretty good way to satisfy my curiosity and to connect with new people and their thoughts. And, if you read something from someone you’d like to see more of try a Facebook search. Or Google. In any event,  it might be fun to share some tweets that have piqued my interest in the…