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Inspired Life

Dog sleeping on meditation cushion in front of buddha

What does it mean to live an inspired life? It’s a phrase that can bring to mind images of artists, monastics, and martyrs. It also makes me think of sweeping the floor and tending my weeds.

I think the phrase got stuck in my head the other day when one of my friends referred to another as an inspiration. Word nerd that I am, I was intrigued; my friend the inspiration has a breathing disorder and one of the definitions of “inspire” is “to breathe in.”

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NOTE: This little post (including parts that have been cut and are no longer here) and the wonderful comments below grew into more in-depth thoughts, now in a post called Inspiration, Breathing and an Inspired Life.


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  • barbparcellswritingalife

    I like to think of the word “inspired” as being “In spirit,” as Wayne Dyer used to tell us. I think if we stay connected to spirit, the inspiration flows. This is certainly an “inspired” blog post!

  • debraoakland

    Perhaps when we breathe deeply and insight-fully – like in meditation or yoga, we gain a heightened level of inspiration. Our connection to Source is to me, The Breathe of Life. Beautiful post Andrea!

  • laurie303

    We are so in sync with this! I just finished teaching a module about inspiration and the breath. Love this!

  • Carol Walsh

    I so agree with everything you said! I think of it as inhaling life — the good and bad — and exhaling our response. Even if we don’t realize it everything we exhale is, or can be, creative. The results communicate to ourselves and others so much about who we are. Thanks for writing this inspired post.

  • Rachel Kieffer

    Your post is a breathe of fresh air, literally. I think inspiration is our natural state, we get inspired by life all around us, stopping, breathing, taking it in is a wonderful way to connect with inspiration.