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FEBRUARY 19, 2022



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I haven’t really been AWOL.. just writing a lot of book descriptions, and instructions and schedules, and…

A quick recap for you. Nancy Blanton, award-winning author of 17th-century Irish historical fiction is a close friend and a neighbor here on Amelia Island. A few years ago, we started Amelia Indie Authors — a co-op designed to help independent authors raise the bar on what they produce without getting ripped off by what has become a fairly predatory marketplace.

Our favorite (and local) book festival canceled its in-person events again this year and it really hit the writing community hard. It occurred to many of us that, despite enjoying our introverted writing lives, we really miss our friends! So, perhaps foolishly, we said, “Let’s have a virtual book festival for indie authors.” Turns out it wasn’t such a foolish idea after all.

I’d give you more details but it’s getting late and I’ve still got member photos to track down and upload, an author to call, links to test, and a schedule to re-write. Again.

Just come see us on the 19th. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

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