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    Never Made the Oprah Show

    She laughed at me Several years back, at a publishing conference, I had an opportunity to speak with some industry veterans.  One was gracious enough to take a quick look at the marketing plan I was working on. I was encouraged… until she laughed. My inner critic went a little bit nuts. I wanted to crawl under some furniture or run from the room. Fortunately, she noticed and said, “I like you. You may be the only author in America whose plan does not include the…

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    Social Media

    Are You Giving Away Golf Clubs?

    What if you had a beautiful gift to give away? Let’s pretend it’s a brand new set of golf clubs. Instead of “going viral,” you have the feeling people are avoiding you like a contagious illness. It’s  around us, every day, in e-mail blasts, Facebook posts, and tweets; since I follow a bunch of authors, I call it the “buy my book bug.” [Tweet “Instead of “going viral,” people are avoiding you like the flu.”] Some authors post about their topics, their writing process, their pets, their…