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    Meet 7 Friends Tweeting in the New Year

    It seems that after the wild ride that was 2020 there was an almost audible collective sigh of relief as the page on the calendar turned to the new year. Some of those people shared both hopeful new year greetings and more typical messages to friends and online followers. I enjoy exploring social media and especially appreciate Twitter as a way to explore unfamiliar ideas, stay in touch with friends, and to connect with new people. And I’ve provided Twitter “handles” (@ immediately followed by name)…

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    9 Greetings: A Weekly Tweet -er

    Greets, tweets! Remember how much we all looked forward to the Weekly Reader? Well here’s your Weekly Tweeter! Relax, I know that not all of you are on Twitter. I find it a pretty good way to satisfy my curiosity and to connect with new people and their thoughts. And, if you read something from someone you’d like to see more of try a Facebook search. Or Google. In any event,  it might be fun to share some tweets that have piqued my interest in the…

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    5 Things About Me – TMI Tuesday

    While employed by others, I spent a lot of years maintaining strict boundaries and everyone’s privacy. In many of my work environs, it was not a good idea to become part of the story, and any information shared outside of the office qualified as TMI. So, as a highly introverted advocate-turned-author, one of the things I struggle with is how to connect online without sharing too much about myself. The idea of “TMI Tuesday” felt right, so, here’s my first attempt. (I hope the questions don’t…