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    9 Readers Comment on The Inner Critic Advantage

    Earlier this week I commented to a friend that I was feeling stuck — just couldn’t seem to get my mojo mo-ing. My brain needed a kick in the butt. I don’t *think* the struggle has been with my inner critic: the stuck feeling is pretty irrational. I’m involved with some wonderful projects that are moving toward fruition. Perhaps that stuckness has more to do with projects moving  at a reasonable pace; perhaps I’m missing the adrenalin rush that comes barreling toward an impossible deadline at…

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    Our Friend Oscar and His Inner Critic

    Once upon a time we had a friend, a guy named Oscar. Like most — maybe all — of us, he had an inner critic. The problem was, he did not know that his inner critic could become an ally. Our friend struggled and stayed stuck — convinced that those ugly words the inner critic put into his head were, in fact, true. One day, somebody gave our friend a book. A very good book. An award-winning book. At first Oscar wasn’t sure why he had…

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    Facing Fear: A New Question for That Voice in Our Heads

    When Henry Ford said “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eye off your goal” he was right. While some delight in constant change, when challenged to try something new, the first thing many of us feel is fear. Call it fear of failure. Or fear of the unknown. Or fear of missing out. A knot in the stomach or a dry mouth. Why question it? Plain old fear of we don’t know what can be enough. As readers of The Inner…