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9 Readers Comment on The Inner Critic Advantage

Earlier this week I commented to a friend that I was feeling stuck — just couldn’t seem to get my mojo mo-ing. My brain needed a kick in the butt. I don’t *think* the struggle has been with my inner critic: the stuck feeling is pretty irrational.

I’m involved with some wonderful projects that are moving toward fruition. Perhaps that stuckness has more to do with projects moving  at a reasonable pace; perhaps I’m missing the adrenalin rush that comes barreling toward an impossible deadline at breakneck speed. Whatever the reason, I pulled some reader comments that never fail to make me smile. And it worked. In fact, these reader comments made me smile so much that I decided to share them with you.


A wonderful, warm treatise on turning creative doubt into strength

There’s not a writer that doesn’t struggle with what one of my writing teachers called the “inner terrorist.” Trouble is, too many of us listen to that voice whispering, “It’s no good. You suck. You’re not a real writer. Get a job, hippie.” Well, maybe not that last one, but I digress. Andrea has written a warm, humane book full of wisdom and ideas for not only understanding your inner critic, but using the annoying bastard’s constant feedback to help you become a better writer, artist or… creative anything. It’s a wonderful book. If you’re a writer, or you know anyone who’s a writer, get it. ~ A. Vince

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