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    Is Your Family Prepared?

    We know that when families grow and change it is not always by choice: divorce, job changes, relocation or re-marriage are not always choices that the entire extended family can agree on — or prepare for. The impact of those changes can rock our world in ways that we can’t imagine ahead of time. The foundation upon which our families have been built is tossed around like buildings in an earthquake. [Tweet “Our family’s foundations can be tossed around like buildings in an earthquake.”] While we…

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    Tired of Tearing Your Hair?

    If you’ve ever…. run out of answers for the kiddo who asks — about every 7.5 minutes — “Are we THERE yet?” wanted a non-confrontational answer to “You’re not my REAL Mom.” wondered how to cut down on “but Dad lets me….” conversations Then check out the Blended Family Conference, coming to a computer near you on March 26th!  That’s right, you don’t have to go anywhere to get this information.  It’s available via simple downloads.  You and your spouse can listen from the comfort of your…

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    Bernie Madoff Doesn’t Strike Again

    Here’s a Monday morning pick-me-up. A friend sent this…. it’s long (9 minutes) but well worth the time, especially if you’re feeling stressed or are in need, for any reason, of an attitude adjustment! Matt Weinstein and his wife lost their life savings to Bernie Madoff and the title of his talk is “What Bernie Madoff Couldn’t Steal from Me.” I particularly liked the part in which he talks about choices. It’s similar to a conversation I recently had with Shirley Cress Dudley,the founder of Marriage…