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Living Philanthropic – Day 340: Dreams For Kids

I was working on one of our sites and came across this lovely blog post.  Living Philanthropic – Day 340: Dreams For Kids – Day 340: Dreams For Kids.

Anyone who has spent any time lately grumbling about “kids today” should take a look at this blog.  I admire the discipline, generosity and commitment it takes to do something every day.  I appreciate the work it takes for find 365 “anythings” and am grateful that one of them was Dreams for Kids, an organization I’ve known and cared about for some time.

The mission of Dreams for Kids is to empower at-risk youth and those with disabilities through life-changing experiences and leadership programs, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and make the world a better place for everyone.  Founded in Chicago  in 1989, the organization now has an international reach through it’s annual Holiday for Hope.

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