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    Compliments: Sharing For High-Quality Confidence

    Lots of women were raised to believe that deflecting compliments is polite, that accepting them is some sort of unmerited ego trip. Further complicating this attitude is that most people I know — especially other writers — subscribe to the “this may be good but I can do better” school of thought when it comes to our work. As a result, given the right combination of HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) our minds can quickly flip over to “this will never be good enough.” That inner…

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    Make A List!

    by Esther Jantzen, guest poster We all usually feel calmer, happier, and more energetic when we write down things we need to remember. It helps un-clutter our minds and it creates “brain-space” for new ideas. Children benefit greatly from the simple act of making a list. It’s an organizational trick they can apply to their schoolwork and their lives. It teaches them to take personal responsibility and be prepared. And it’s fun to brainstorm lists together as one person writes down the ideas that others give!…

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    By Esther Jantzen, guest poster  A great thing to teach children is how to get something done. Often kids want to accomplish something, but they don’t know how to start or where to get supplies or what to do next. Yet reaching a goal is a satisfying adventure! The first step is to imagine it completed just the way you want it to be in your mind. Once you clearly know what you want, it’s easier to take the next action steps. Here are steps to…