Adored Adairsville

I’m not quite sure how we ended up in Adairsville, GA. It probably had something to do with finding dog-friendly accomodations. (We may have to seriously consider installing a bed and a few other amenitites.)

In any event, we got settled in to a clean room with outside access where the balcony overlooked a lovely field. We have settled in to a routine that generally involves in-room dining at the end of the day (thank you DoorDash) and a coffee adventure on our way out of town.

I’m so glad were decided to check out local coffee houses; it’s a decision that brought us to The Adairsville Coffee Company. 

It’s always my pleasure to share something wonderful with others and I hope that readers in the area will get off the highway and stop by. Who knows, maybe they’ll become members of Amelia Indie Authors online #CoffeeCrew — a way we stay connected and help new members get comfortable with Twitter.

In some bio I wrote for something awhile ago I remember writing, “I am in search of a cup of coffee that tastes as good as it smells.” That’s a pretty high bar in Adairsville — it’s hard to adequately describe the beautiful coffee smells that met us at the door. It was especially welcome after finding nothing but mud-colored water the previous day.

We left the van’s barn door open for fresh air, also ordered our brunch sandwiches and had to use considerable restraint to stay away from the bakery items before making our way to the comfortable outdoor dining. I’m not sure we’ll make that mistake (skipping the bakery goods) again. 

Even better? People were anxious to talk and be friendly. The owner noticed the van and had a lot of questions so I gave him a quick tour and some of the highlights from our long search and shopping process.

He met the ladies and, after asking permission, returned with Adairsville Coffee Company’s version of pup cups: a bit of whipped cream and two little dog treats. As you can see below, our German Shepherd girls would not have been happier with meat.

But the warmth, friendliness, and banter were not limited to folks working behind the bar. A couple strode in and one of them asked, “Who belongs to that awesome rig?” We drank coffee and talked with one another about what had brought us to Adairsville. And what had brought them. They were now living there full time and loving small town life. The woman with whom I felt such kinship is also a writer so, with luck we may have a chance to develop a friendship. I hope so. Good neighbors are the best part of small town living.

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