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Songs of a Positive Playlist

With the ability to stream TV classics from almost any era, I’m not dating myself too much when I think about Ally McBeal’s quirky characters and their various adventures with theme songs. If I’m remembering correctly, there was a litigator who wasn’t ready for court until he heard bells… and someone who needed the attitude adjustment that came from channeling his inner Barry White. I did some work with Mark Victor Hansen, one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul guys and saw him come to the front of the room to either You’re Simply the Best or Soul Man.

So I recently asked a bunch of Facebook followers what sort of theme song they might recommend for a person who had a goal in mind but needed a little extra support in the “gigantic butterflies in the stomach” department. They’re some interesting folks and came up with some pretty good additions to a playlist. Or, maybe an entire playlist. You be the judge. And I’ve included a crazy number of links in this post; if you can stand all the YouTube ads, you can hear each of the songs.

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Whenever I post about developing confidence or taking motivation to a higher level, I’m not surprised when Avon Superstar (also known as Captain Platinum) Lisa Wilber jumps in first. She gave us Reba’s  I’m Gonna Take That Mountain.

Some of the contributors offered deeply spiritual music: Thirty-one Gifts consultant Patricia Darley chose Made to Thrive.  Roslyn Evans — the co-owner and designer of exquisite jewelry at Earth and Moon Design — is inspired by This Little Light of Mine while another artist, Heather Maria, added Walk on Water.   Rachel Keiffer, the HealthNut Girl introduced some of us to a Hebrew song called the Song of Ascents.

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Intuitive healer and coach Robin Ann Reid offered This is Me.  and Suzie Cheel from down under tossed Happy, as well as Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s beautiful version of Over the Rainbow, into the mix.

And Lore Raymond from Florida’s gulf side led the charge for Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman.  I don’t know about you, but “you can bend but never break me, ’cause it only serves to make me more determined to achieve my final goal” rings true for so many of the important women in my life. And Vatsala Shukla reminded us of another “you’ve got this” anthem: such Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.

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When it came time to pick up the tempo, Colleen added Sly and the Family Stone with You Can Make It If You Try while Michelle dished up a little Uptown Funk.   Author Beverly Golden joined Etta James to advise:  Trust Yourself.  And we can always count on Barb Parcells to bring us classics such as You’ll Never Walk Alone.  I hope you like Josh Groban’s version as much as I do.

Many of these women have wonderful projects going; I’ve linked to their sites or Facebook pages so you can get to know them if you choose. In the meantime, I’m off to iTunes to buy a couple of these songs for one of my “you go, girl” lists!


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  • Heather

    Thank you for including me and all the wonderful women in this post.
    This is my quote about music…”Music feeds the Soul. It has the ability to make you feel every emotion possible. It brings joy and happiness, it cleanses the body with tears, it makes you move, a simple smile, a deep thought, inspiration and healing is found. The best songs resonate from within. They pull and tear at your heartstrings until you feel as if you almost can’t breathe. They can take you to anywhere you want to go and to anywhere you have been.”

    • Andrea

      Wow — I really like that. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for being part of #CoffeeCrew over on Twitter. We like having you there.

  • Debra Oakland

    All of these songs take me back. Ally McBeal – never missed an episode – what a cast of characters! .I’m with Suzie Cheel – Happy by Pharrell is one of my favorite upbeat songs. My personal fave is Strength, Courage and Wisdom by India Arie.

  • Laura

    Great stuff Andrea. I use quite a few of those songs to get me moving. Thank you for the inspiration 🙏

  • Rachel Kieffer

    Wow, I love seeing all our responses in one place and I look forward to listening to some of these inspiring songs. Will bookmark and refer to this post over and over.

  • Micah Ward

    As crazy as I am about music I can’t believe I am having such a hard time coming up with a suggestion. When I stand at the starting line of a race that I want to run hard I usually channel The Grateful Dead and the version of Bertha from the July 4,1989 concert in Buffalo. From the live CD Shuffle off to Buffalo. That’s all I’ve got.