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    Is Your Family Prepared?

    We know that when families grow and change it is not always by choice: divorce, job changes, relocation or re-marriage are not always choices that the entire extended family can agree on — or prepare for. The impact of those changes can rock our world in ways that we can’t imagine ahead of time. The foundation upon which our families have been built is tossed around like buildings in an earthquake. [Tweet “Our family’s foundations can be tossed around like buildings in an earthquake.”] While we…

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    The Self Esteem Scam

    Maybe I’m too grumpy to write this right now but most of you have been with me for a long time.  I trust you’ll forgive me should that become necessary.  And if not?  I wish you well.  I mean no offense. Ready? I’m sick of self esteem.  I’m tired of talking about it. Hearing about it. Worrying about it. Building it. Protecting it.  Blah, blah, blah. [Tweet “I’m sick of self-esteem. How about you?”] How can a woman who has been an advocate for kids and…

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    A Little Valentine Curiosity

    Curiosity attack. I just looked up the history of Valentine’s Day and discovered that it is rooted in an ancient Roman fertility celebration called Lupercalia. (I think I hope this is true, lol.) Apparently, it was reinvented by Pope Gelasius somewhere around  496,  when he declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day. Maybe I rely on Google far too much but I love indulging my curiosity and being able to search for anything at any time…. I’m  a big fan of the doodles, too!  Enjoy. 12…