selective focus photography of brown djembe instrument
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Family Members Drumming

This video of family members spontaneously drumming makes me ridiculously happy. I don’t know if it’s the actual drumming, the spontaneity… maybe it’s just that fact that I remembered to use the phone’s video feature for a change… but it makes me laugh out loud, every time I see it.

It was insanely hot but why wouldn’t it be? It was summertime and we were visiting a theme park in Florida. It’s a family activity that gives a whole new meaning to the word “hot.” But, so far, Uncle Lou has only been able to visit in the summer and he wanted to see the sites with his little niece. He’s always interested in doing whatever he can to strengthen his ties with the American side of his family; the nieces and nephew are his only tie with very small people.

As Mom 2.0 in an extraordinarily blended family, I love the moments like this. They are moments of mindfulness, joy, and volition. They are the moments we choose to love and connect. They are moments that help us all grow in some of the best ways.

I would be surprised if the grandgirl remembers this trip. I would also be surprised if she didn’t remember that Uncle Lou loves and enjoys her. And that they always have fun.

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