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Virtual Summer Job?

Have you made your summer plans yet?  Whether you are fortunate enough to be planning a family trip or trying to put together a decent child care plan, the school year is coming to an end and ‘what to do about summer’ has probably been part of your recent thinking.

Go paperlessWhile babysitting, dog walking and gardening are still options for a lot of kids, technology has certainly opened up some additional possibilities.

Seriously… so many of us joke about how much more intuitively middle and high school students are able to organize our laptops or set up a quick website.   Why not let them?

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Let them help you make a list of some of those aggravating “to dos” that are cluttering up your office or your hard drive….  whether it’s labeling and uploading digital photos you’d like to share, scanning documents,  re-tagging blog posts for better SEO or setting up a FaceBook page for your business, the best person for the job may be closer than you think.

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What other digital chores would you like to get some help with?  Recording podcasts? Adding media to your website’s library? Playlists and albums? Cloud back-up? Setting up meet-ups or a virtual book club?

What do your kids have to offer?  You may even want to help them share those skills with family and friends.  What do you think? What online chores would you like to offload?

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  • Deb Coman

    Provocative post!! I love this. My three boys can all create impressive PowerPoint presentations and I have been planning to teach myself how to do this. It never even occurred to me to ask them to do it for me so that I can focus on other aspects of offering more training and workshops. Thanks, Andrea, for sparking a lot of thoughts about what else I can unload…a-hem…enlist my boys to do! 🙂