67 People, Programs, Products or Ideas That Make a Difference

Earlier today I heard the suggestion that to honor Nelson Mandela’s 93rd each of us contribute 67 minutes to helping someone: one minute for each of his years of community service.

Vintage “me” – it took me about 4 seconds to come up with the idea…. and about four times longer than expected to implement it. (Story of my life!)

I grew up hearing that I should surround myself with people – and ideas – better than myself. It’s some of the best advice I’ve ever received and one of the reasons that I enjoy Twitter so much: I can control what I read and try to make sure that it is smart, positive and challenges me to be better.

My idea? Dip into my Twitter steam and share with you. Give you a chance to connect to some of the people who inspire me. Here’s my list (for today, anyway) of 67 People, Programs, Products or Ideas That Make a Difference. I invite you to check them out for yourselves… and, (as long as it’s not advertising and you tell us WHY they make a difference to you) add your own in the comments!

(It’s a long enough list that I’ve just decided to split it up and post it over a few days.)

Attitude is everything and we can’t help anyone else unless we’re OK ourselves. The first few links are daily doses of attitude adjustment!

1. Your attitude + your choices = your life. ‘nuff said?
2. Author Ray Davis provides a daily dose of affirmative thinking.
3. Sana Quijada practices psychiatry and writes about becoming a better friend to yourself.
4. Here’s another dose of positive!
5. Parenting, small business and a remarkable founder. Check the archives for her powerful “Are You Mothering a Mug Shot” post.
6. Lisa M. Wilber ~ a friend and successful Avon-preneur, dedicated to women’s economic independence — one consultant at a time!
7.Dori diCarlo just launched the “it begins with a bag” campaign to help Alabama’s tornado-impacted student-athletes get back on their feet.
8.There are people who take photographs and there are artists whose medium is photography. I believe that when people bring their best selves to their work they can’t help but make a difference.
9.Keyuri Joshi is a talented parenting coach with a great blog and a focus on teaching emotional intelligence.
10. Artist Michael Juroque Johnson adds beauty, color and inspiration to the world around him.
11. Zen teacher and Mom Karen Maezen Miller writes a blog called Cheerio Road; I think that non-preachy discussions of practical spirituality lift us all.
12. Voice in Recovery is a powerful advocate for healthy living, media literacy and self-love and acceptance. Her message resonates with a variety of audiences including many people with eating disorders, body image struggles, substance abuse and self harm.
13. Casa addresses the needs of young women making the transition from foster care to independent living (Dade County FL)
14. While don’t know a thing about their treatment program, I really appreciate the addiction and mental health news updates I get from them on Twitter.
15. Paul V. Harris is a recent addition to my daily news stream. Having recovered from burns over 85% of his body, he now teaches others how to overcome fear.
16. Another pro-literacy organization. Got a book in you? Let this crazy crew help you get it out!
17. Statistics show that women pay more for their cars than our male counterparts. Help end that inequity.
18. Mom to Madre extends a hand, both in English and Spanish, to young Moms trying to beat the odds. They are located in San Diego County.
19. Like many groups connected to professional sports, the Penguins Foundation works to promote physical health, encourage teamwork, value education and provide important life skills to kids.
20. Sonny Brewer is a generous and inspiring author.

To be continued….

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