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How’s your summer going? I think there’s something magical about suspending schedules, changing eating habits and creating family adventures. With my “bonus son” on board for a few weeks, we are savoring the fresh produce dinners, late night movies, family workouts and planning a few more day trips. It’s bliss.

Sometimes summer is not so blissful. Poison ivy, sunburns, and bike mishaps can interfere with a family vacation. And don’t get me started about the fire ants — yikes! Maybe it’s time to think about summer safety.

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Prevention and preparation are key to keeping kids safe and healthy enough to make some magical summer memories.  Here are a few places for moms and dads to brush up on their family safety prep — and the hope that you’ll never need the information.

Please share some of your favorite summer vacation wellness tips or resources in the comments below? Thanks.

Parents’ Guide to First Aid

Summer Weather Safety & Survival

Teach Your Kid Well: Bicycle Safety Issues

How to Teach Young Kids to Swim

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  • Lore Raymond

    You spoke to the Girl Scout in me to be prepared, Andrea! Summer IS so much fun and in that joyance, our minds often leave to have fun with our bodies.
    My favorite item that anyone must have on any trip is Cactus Juice–though the name is a total misbranding I feel.

    It’s a trifecta of safety as a: bug repellent, sunscreen, and moisturizer ALL IN ONE. It also smells like oranges.

    It was developed by a Texan couple who traveled to my Honduran island of Roatan and were devoured by the sand flies! They returned home and cooked this up. Since then, I now see on their site that they have LOTS of new products. The one I used for five years every day is the first item, the Sun & Skin Outdoor Protectant Sunscreen.

    Let me know if you ever use it!