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MOB* Mentality Stops Bullying?

OK… that may not have been fair. But a provocative headline might get you to look…. and maybe you’ll share what you find… and….

In this case MOB stands for ‘Moms Opposed to Bullying’ from the blog created by Beth Kohlhoff.

I connected with Beth in response to a wonderful post about workplace bullying. In it she asked ‘why are we waiting until people are grown before we deal with this?’

Delighted that she was focused on ‘raising good grown-ups’ I read on. She writes “I believe we need to address the issue BEFORE our children become loners, shooters, bullies, druggies, preppies, jocks, and all of the other groups that aim at stigmatizing and categorizing our children.”

I like her blog — and I like her plan. If you’re looking for an extensive collection of high-quality links on this topic, Moms Opposed to Bullying is a great place to start.

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  • RickG

    Back in the Jurassic Era, when I was doing child abuse and neglect investigations, I found that bullying was an underlying cause of problems at school related to truancy, feigned illnesses, and dropping out, all done in an effort to avoid the bully. As many are aware, there are a host of social pathologies related to dysfunctional performace at school, so bullying, in my opinion, can have far-reaching consequences.

    Personally, though not usually a fan of zero tolerance anything, I’d like to see bullies dealt with far more swiftly at the first offense. Specific deterrence principles indicate that it’s not the severity of the punishment that has the most deterrent effect, but rather, the swiftness and surety of it.

  • Annie Bartlett

    I agree this is a GREAT blog (and no, I’m nt a friend of the author!). I just bought a t-shirt at http://www.standupday.com which has a great pledge on the back. If more people in Phoebe’s school had taken this pledge to heart, she might still be alive.

  • trienahg

    Bullying, it seems to me has reached epic proportions because we are afraid of consequences in today’s America. We are afraid of consequences because we are such a litigious society that we are constantly afraid to be sued. We are constantly afraid to be sued because judge’s have no balls and permit frivolous lawsuits to go to outrageous verdicts. A little personal responsibility, from bullying in grade school right on up the chain would be a good thing! Great blog. Sorry for the rant.

  • On The Ball Parent Coach

    MOB is a FANTASTIC group. It remindes me of MADD (mothers against drunk driving) who helped eradicate the “one for the road” mentality. Raising responsible kids begins with first becoming responsible moms and dads alike. Part of our job is to “be the change we want to see in the world” (Gandhi) by starting with our own children and teaching them how not to be bullies.

  • pbk2010

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your support. It means the world! Together we can make a difference!
    Just a note. I chose MOB because although mob can have negative conotations, really, it is just a group of people. It is the people who make it negative by their behavior. Just like bullies are just children with negative behavior that hasn’t been addressed early!
    Take care and have a fantastic day and thanks again, not for me, but for the countless children and families we hope to help!

    • Andrea

      Did you read Keyuri’s comment, below? The sound “mad” had a negative connotation before it became MADD… and look what they’ve accomplished!