Who Needs a Good Dad?

We all do.  Whether by words and actions or presence and absence a father teaches a son what kind of a man to be  — or NOT be.   He is also a powerful role model for his daughters.

Whatever their ages, parental actions make a far greater impression than anything we say.  The actions we take regarding personal discipline, communication, responsibility, work, family, and expressions of love all set the stage for choices our kids will make on the the path to adulthood.

Fathers who treat their spouses with love and respect tend to have daughters who choose partners who treat them in a similar manner. And a father who is rude or disrespectful to his partner is nudging his children to that sort of future relationship.

Of course there are lots of Dad who already know this and work diligently to improve their skills. Here are some resources that might be interesting to that sort of father.

** has some interesting blogs and other resources.

** ‘Father-absence’ affects about 27 million kids in our country… and this site talks about the impact that has on ALL of us. Take a look at

** Click here to learn how to become a Championship Dad and help reverse the trend!

** If you’re looking for a beautiful tribute to a man who became a father by ‘stepping in and stepping up’ make sure to read Good Men Step in to be Dads.

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  • Tom Tuohy

    For all those who were not fortunate to have a good Dad, and I am one whose father did not have it in him, I would add – forgive. All too often we carry the pain of what was missing in our lives and it shows up all the time. It is only when we can fogive and be complete with our past that we can live fully in the present and create a powerful life free of suffering. Happy Father Day!