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A Favorite Mothers’ Day Story

It’s no secret that I love Tom Tuohy and Dreams for Kids and the story of how the two ‘created’ one another.  Anyone struggling to find a way to live their values and pursue a passion will be inspired by their story.

by guest poster, Tom Tuohy

Patricia Tuohy was born in Chicago, Illinois. As a young mother she was left to raise her four young children alone. Mrs. Tuohy dedicated her entire life to making certain all of her children had the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

When her youngest son, Tom Tuohy, graduated from law school and began his career, Mrs. Tuohy was filled with pride. Knowing, however, how difficult it had been for her family to reach that point, she could not help feeling something was missing. Mrs. Tuohy’s heart was dwelling on the many other children who had big dreams but small opportunities.

On a night which will always be remembered as the night Dreams for Kids was born, Mrs. Tuohy took note of the many joyous, blessed people who had come together for a night of celebration. She looked around the room and said to her son. “Now that you’ve achieved your dreams, it’s time to help other kids achieve theirs.

“I remember that one moment as if it had occurred yesterday,” recalls Tom Tuohy. When my mom made that request, we both smiled. We were standing in a room filled with the good fortune of my life, which could have turned out quite differently. I was the youngest child. My mother somehow found the financial means to raise us all on a $6,000 a year salary. When she took a second job, all the kids began working as well. It was difficult for my mom every single day. She carried on with a silent dignity, but there were many times I wondered… <read the rest here>

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  • Tom Tuohy

    Thanks so much for posting this. It is a special day for all mothers today. May you and every mother enjoy your day in the sun. You have earned it. Thank you for giving life, love, and the very best of yourself.

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