More for Mother’s Day

Can you tell that I’m excited about Mother’s Day this year?  Me????

Don’t get me wrong…  I have a great family and I love them all.  And one year, when I was hired to give a talk to a group of mothers who couldn’t be with their kids due to some major medical issues, asked “WHO invented a holiday with the power to make a woman feel like both a inadequate mother AND a bad daughter all at the same time????”

But I’m excited this year.  I get to spend at least part of the day with my adult son.  Geography has made that impractical for quite some time.  This year it’s not a factor. What a gift!

And while I’m on the subject, I think that this is a great day to honor anyone who has consistently lifted you up and supported your dreams.

So, here’s a gift for you.  More of my collection…

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift….  Thanks to Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids.  If you’re not giving my book as a Mother’s Day gift please consider hers!

Giving Birth Stories from the “front line.”  Delivery room staff share some ‘moments.’  Some of these really made me laugh.

Love Letter from a Daughter An unexpected gift from a 15 year-old at a time her Mom really needed it!

Some Facts About Homeless Families Families with children are now the fastest growing group of homeless in America; about half of homeless women with children are escaping domestic violence.

Happy Mother’s Day from a “Mom in the middle.”  Teenaged son still at home and aging parents needing care….  this writer is an old friend who sometimes makes me laugh and other times makes me think.  Just like when we used to be neighbors.

Peace Trees Vietnam Did you know that, even this long after the war, land mines are still injuring children in Viet Nam?  Take a look at what this group of Moms (and others!) are doing about it.

Awkward Family Photos Warning:  I have a strange sense of humor.  You don’t get to yell at me if you go here and find something you don’t like — you don’t have to visit the site!

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