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Michael and His Mother

Guess what??? This blog is old enough to have developed a tradition.  Welcome to our second annual Mother’s Day greeting from artist Michael Jorogue Johnson and his manager -mother Robin.

I interviewed Robin when I was doing research for What Kids Need to Succeed… her son Michael is an artist who was featured in the “Giving Back” section of the book.  Michael also has Down Syndrome.

We’ve not met in person ‘yet’ — Robin decided we should hold out for an Oprah appearance.  Together.  Despite having been told that I was “the only author in America who didn’t put ‘get on Oprah’s show’ in my marketing plan” I look forward to it.

Anyway, when I got the following note from Robin, the idea for our new tradition was born. (I posted some of Michael’s art last Mother’s Day.)

Hi Andrea,

If you know some folks in Grand Rapids, MI they can be a big help to Michael and have some fun at the same time. Michael’s painting “Enough To Share?” will be displayed in the lobby of the Grand Rapids Civic Theater on Thursday May 13, 2010. The Civic Theater is located at 30 Division Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids. From 12 noon to 5:30 pm people can vote on their favorite artwork.

The artist painting Enough to Share

Recently ten of his paintings were auctioned at a Kentucky Derby Party fundraiser. In a few months when we get the thank you card we will hear how much Michael’s paintings brought at auction yesterday. The executive director of the Down Syndrome organization just said they were very happy with the results.

Michael loves horse racing and is looking forward to watching The Preakness on TV. He has two Arches watercolor blocks and is doing thank you paintings for people in the thoroughbred industry who gave him resource materials to use in his paintings this year.

Today we entered 2 of his quarter horse watercolors in the American Academy of Equine Art juried exhibit in Lexington, KY.

Happy Mother’s Day,


by Michael Jorogue Johnson

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