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Kids Helping Kids with Nothing

English: A group of drummers in Accra, Ghana, ...
Drummers in Accra, Ghana, wearing dashiki shirts and knitted kufi caps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes it is difficult to become aware of difficulties that others face without becoming overwhelmed.  Some people feel hopeless and helpless while others choose to take action.

Action requires focus and purpose.  It takes discipline, hard work, motivation to give and the ability to keep going when there’s no easy answer. It takes the Four Foundations and it takes heart.

When kids’ hearts lead the way there’s no limit to what they can do.  Take a look at what this ten-year-old and his friends accomplished to help others in Ghana.

But if you think that’s impressive,  Tyler and his Mom started an organization that helps kids to focus on issues they care about and take action to help.

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