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file7351294449960Choosing happiness is one of my favorite topics and today my friend, publisher  Linda Joy, released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring  stories of 27 amazing women who share stories of growth and transformation. Having had the opportunity to get to know some of them, I am delighted to share their achievement with you. ##

What’s so special about today? Nothing. And everything. It’s extraordinary because, since I learned to work my happiness muscles, I have a lot of days just like this one.  And, it’s unique because it is a series of moments that will never come again. That’s part of their beauty.

This morning I dug in the dirt and played in the garbage. The universe bought me a new pair of tights. I went to a “meet the author” event, received an inspiring text from a friend and heard parts of a radio interview with Mary Oliver. And then I got to go pick up my husband.

Each of these things is miraculous and mundane. And each added to my joy for a different reason. Take a look:

  • Compost makes me ridiculously happy. Raised with the idea that to waste food is a sin, I love having the ability to feed future food with food that is a bit closer to “past.” Bonus? I got to transplant a tomato that “volunteered” from the compost to a more secure location. Compost helps me see value.

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  • I’m grateful I noticed the need for tights before I went to the garden. And that I only had to drive 4 minutes to get them. They were marked way, way down. I remembered my loyalty card and received enough of a discount to score free tights. Free tights help me recognize abundance. Woo hoo!

    English: A picture of compost soil

    English: A picture of compost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • I’m a major-league introvert: I love people but being around them in groups requires a lot of energy. The turnout was wonderful, the author gave an interesting talk and I’ve got a reason to explore a new genre. “Just showing up” helps me know I am enough.

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  • On the way to the car I turned my phone on just in time to read a very encouraging text from a dear woman who is a beta reader for my current book-in-progress. I drove away with Mary Oliver on the radio, talking about writing. She told about how “Wild Geese” came to be  — in a way that gave me goose bumps. Writing connects me to people in a unique and wonderful manner.
  • And picking up my husband? A happy thing in so many ways. First and foremost? Madly in love with the guy and I like spending time with him. I miss him when he’s not here. Yet, in the past few weeks, he has had some amazing training opportunities in his areas of interest. I’m happy he was able to go and the events exceeded his expectations. I enjoyed some alone time. I’m happy we’re both willing and able to support independent interests. Grown-up love reminds me that waiting can be wonderful.

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Released today:  Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring inspiring stories from 27 women who share personal stories of transformation. Choosing Happiness also includes Reflection Questions after each story which can empower you to integrate their lessons into your own life. For a limited time you can get over 40 bonus gifts with your copy of Choosing Happiness. Click here to claim your copy now.


  14 Responses to “Happiness is Miraculous and Mundane”

  1. Simply beautiful, Andrea. I felt my heart open as I read it and wished we were sitting together over a delicious cappuccino. Actually, it was as if you were right here. Joy!

  2. Thanks, Andrea. I loved your “miraculous and mundane” comment. I agree, the things that connect us to our happiness are always both. The birds I stopped to photograph this week were miraculous and mundane and they made me ridiculously happy just being there.

  3. I loved your article. I found it funny and insightful, very open and endearing. I loved getting to know you! I too am a huge introvert. I so relate!! Thank you for posting!! Keep inspiring!

  4. Oh yes! Happiness is miraculous and mundane. I think that’s what people miss…that happiness is this deep contentment which resides in the every day ordinary.

    Today, however, I will be giddy. My husband is coming home after being gone for 3 weeks. Tonight we’ll celebrate the success of Choosing Happiness and go about our richly contented mundane lives 🙂 <3 xxxooo

  5. I love your happiness post…made me happy just to read it! 😉

  6. Your happiness makes me euphoric. I love how much happiness you can summon in wild appreciation of life from the simple to the frugal to the loving and more.

    Thank you!


  7. Love it!! Choosing happiness is truly an art and it sounds like you’ve got it down to a science. 😉

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