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Roll Over: 18 Tips for More Love

Roll Over, Role Model

Being the leader can be tough, but a few lessons from your furry best friend can help. Dogs have a natural sense of order and manners within their packs and readily teach new members about the rules and boundaries. If you let it,  your dog can lend a paw in creating a harmonious environment.

What’s better than coming home to a wagging tail, a slobbery kiss, and the pure joy offered by the furball at the front door? There are good reasons dogs have long been regarded as man’s best friend — they possess an array of qualities that most humans should aspire to develop. So, are family pets really great role models? And, if so, what lessons do they have for us?brown and white corgi lying on white surface

Persistent & Positive

A dog’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. Even the most mundane tasks, like fetching a ball or taking a walk, seem to fill them with joy. Whether jumping a fence or recovering from an injury, dogs overcome obstacles and challenges with determination and tenacity. Facing life’s hurdles with canine-like bravery and persistence can make all the difference in developing a pawsitive outlook. An upbeat attitude goes a long way toward leading a happier, more fulfilled life. The next time you find yourself dwelling in negativity or struggling to communicate with others, try channeling your inner doggo and:

  • Face challenges head-on and learn from setbacks. 
  • Find delight in the small things.
  • Embrace a new experience.
  • Greet the day — and the moment — with enthusiasm.
  • Continually strive for improvement.
  • Bury the urge to give up.

Bone Appetite

Picture this: You’ve just gotten home from a long, hard day at work. The family dog greets you at the door, tail wagging with excitement. You give them a good, hard scritch behind the ears and head to the kitchen to whip up something tasty for dinner. As you take that first bite, you can feel the day’s stress melting away. It’s not just the delicious flavors dancing on your taste buds — it’s the fact that you’re genuinely savoring every bite.

German Shepherd lying next to peace monumentDid you know that eating with gusto can actually make you happier and more energized? That’s right, folks. Enjoying our food can trigger the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine. So go ahead, let tonight’s dinner be the highlight of your day: your taste buds will thank you for it. And your dog will be thrilled should you happen to drop something on the floor.

Loyal Friend

Dogs are faithful companions, standing by your side through thick and thin. They exemplify loyalty and single-minded devotion in a way few humans can imagine, let alone replicate. Making the effort to develop such unwavering allegiance to our loved ones is something that can benefit anyone. To cultivate more loyalty in relationships, there are some dog-like behaviors that may help.

  • Be present and active in their lives.
  • Pay attention.
  • Stand up for your friends in their time of need.
  • Show empathy and understanding — especially in tough times.


Unconditional Love

Have you ever noticed that your dog loves you, no matter what? They love you without expectations or strings attached. They don’t care about your flaws and imperfections, whether you’re having good days or bad. It is freely offered, regardless of your reactions or responses. Their sole motivation is the happiness of their human; nothing fazes them. While I am certain that dogs will always be better at this than we are, are there ways we can move closer to that ideal?

  • Accept others for who they are.
  • Appreciate their unique characteristics.
  • Be sensitive to their reactions.
  • Support their well-being.


 Sense of Humor

A wagging tail, a playful bark, a panting grin – all dogs have a *ruff* and tumble sense of humor that’s hard to resist. Injectingbrown and white dog covered with green and white blanket some canine-inspired humor into your daily interactions can lighten the mood and put things into perspective. Make it a habit to:

  • Laugh at yourself.
  • Shake off your mistakes.
  • Find humor in everyday situations.
  • Approach life with a playful, lighthearted attitude.

From unwavering loyalty to their infectious joy, dogs remind us of the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, offering unconditional love, tackling challenges with bravery, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Next time you look into a dog’s eyes, remember that you’re staring at the wise, loving face of an incredible role model.


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