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Right Person for the Job???

Help wantedHelp Wanted:  Passionate adult to commit to vital mission.  Successful candidate will embrace the mission in 120-hour workweek with no financial compensation.  Must be committed to creating better future for children and care enough to do the hard stuff.  Parents, grandparents, foster parents, babysitters, teachers and coaches may apply.  Preference given to those who apply as a team and are able to remember that “you’re not raising children – you’re raising future adults!”

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Want the job?  Already have it?  Congratulations.  You’re in good company.  The ‘right candidate’ is hardworking, disciplined, giving and refuses to quit – that’s you, isn’t it? And you’re here – looking for ideas and support for the most important job you’ll ever have.

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 Most of our material is not based on scientific study – it’s simply a look at vibrant, successful people who are achieving their goals and living their dreams.  More importantly, it’s a look at the ways that they have used some tough lessons from their early years to move closer and closer to their dreams.

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 What is it that you want for your kids?  Financial wealth and the freedom it can buy?  Optimism and the ability to get back up one more time?  Physical fitness and healthy dietary habits?  How about a great work ethic?  Passion?  Vision?  Goal setting?

 Negotiating the delicate balance between a strong foundation and lofty ideals isn’t easy…. but that’s part of what sets you apart – the example that you set by backing up your caring with a commitment to learning.

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