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I am grateful….

German Shepherd Dogs
German Shepherd Dogs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…for family, friends, health and happiness of course. I’m grateful for people who read my work or listen to my talks and tell me what they think! I’m grateful for the people that this job allows me to meet…. and the ones who stay in touch.

Here are some updates about a few of those people….

Tim Vandehey, editor and friend, has a new blog for writers.

Tom Tuohy and Dreams for Kids continue to grow and flourish.

Tina Binheimer rescues German Shepherd dogs and retrains them for a life of service.

Want to share about someone or something that makes YOU feel grateful?  Please comment — I’d love to hear about them.  (And will probably add a few of my own when I get out of the car a bit later!)

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • Esther Jantzen

    I am WOW grateful for good books! The other morning at the breakfast table, I opened a Newbery winner, A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. (I’m catching up on years of children’s books I missed). You know, I sat at the table spellbound, with only one brief break to go the bathroom, until I finished it. It’s set in 12 C Korea, and I learned about the hardships and beauty of that period, celadon pottery, the value of courage, persistence, faithfulness, and how well-told stories can liberate the soul. And this morning, I read a section of a highly encouraging and instructive book, The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther/Jerry Hicks. I feel grateful for libraries, bookstores, the printing press, my own ability to read, that I have time to read, and most of all, for writers!

  • Tina Binheimer

    Ah.. yes, my dear Andrea. But it is people like you who help find these wonderful, forgotten, four legged friends so that we can make them into the candidates that they are!!!

    So don’t sell yourself short!