Four Foundations,  Parenting

Challenging Change

Some people are constitutionally more comfortable with risk and change than others. That’s true no matter what age group we’re dealing with.

Sometimes our children don’t want to try things new things because they feel self-conscious about the awkwardness and clumsiness they might experience when starting out. They just don’t want to face that “conscious incompetence” phase that goes along with acquiring most new skills.

Tumbling (Photo credit: Clover_1)

Here’s a question that can help break through the reluctance:  “What’s the worst things that could happen?”

First you ask.  Eventually they learn to ask themselves.

It’s a question that isn’t going to push them to be reckless… it simply helps to open the door to a new idea.  It helps sets the stage for believing that fumbles and stumbles can be nothing more than steps to learning and mastery.

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