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WKNTS Available in Multiple e-Book Formats

Angry_Bread_LargeIt has been a busy couple of weeks around here but I wanted to let you know that this book is now available in multiple e-reader formats  here.  We’ll know about Apple and Barnes & Noble soon.

Also, we have a trial publication of the new Inner Critic to Inner Ally: A Beginner’s Guide self-study program here.  This program was originally created for women in direct sales but has been reviewed by other business owners and some therapists who have pronounced it ‘a great tool’ for managing negative self talk.  (Parents don’t ever suffer from that, do they?)

This ‘trial publication’ is priced significantly lower than its retail to enlist users in making sure bugs are worked out, typos and unclear instructions are found,  and difficulties with quizzes, certificates and other downloads are remedied.

And THAT is about enough for this week I think.

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