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I haven’t had a guest post in a while.  I thought that this one was a good way to start again. Enjoy.  ap##

Katy Perry has written a masterpiece. Firework is not only a great song to dance to but is very inspirational. It tells the story of each and every [Horatio Alger Association] scholar and, for that matter, each and every person in this world.

“Do you every feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?” This describes a lot of us; I have felt life is passing me by, that I am just along for the ride. “Do you ever feel so paper thin like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?”  She reaches to the weary, tired, sick, and frustrated. Sometimes we feel that if just one more thing happens to us, everything would come crashing down and we would lose what we have worked so hard to protect.

“Do you ever feel already buried deep? Six feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing…” speaks to people who never thought they had a fighting chance — like they weren’t players in the game of life. They try to scream and shout and move up in the world to get one step forward without falling two steps back.

Perry does a great job of acknowledging everyone before handing out encouragement. She pulls us in before she giving hope. “Do you know that there’s still a chance for you because there’s a spark in you?” There is a spark in every living person; it will lead us to the heights of greatness and we will be able to lead and help others. We are all trying to reach success and it is different for every single person. For the rich businessman it might be to make another million, for a single mother it could be to put food on the table.

For me success is being happy no matter where you are on the ladder; as long as you are happy you are successful. “This light can shine and all we have to do is ignite it and we must rule the night like the fourth of July.” Fireworks rule the night with power, elegance, and grace. They capture our attention and lead people to do better things. Nothing interrupts the fireworks while the show is going because they rule the sky and show the magnificent things the world has created.

We must create new things to make the world better, to showing that every single person is worth something. No matter if you are rich or you’re poor, you are someone and you deserve a chance like anyone else. Press on and seize the chances that you will receive. Many people feel like a waste of space but that is not true. We are all worth the space that we take up.  Every one of us deserves to be successful no matter what the definition for success is. Every one of us is unique and original and could never be replaced. We don’t know what the future holds but we must continue to prepare ourselves and also enjoy the ride. Stay happy while you prepare for life’s journey. Keep pressing forward to help others like you have been helped.

After something bad happens there is always something good. There are good and bad parts of life; the good far outweighs the bad. There will be more rainbows than hurricanes. “Maybe the reason the doors in your life are closed is because there is another that will lead you down the perfect road.” Maybe that one door is where you have friends and life makes you happy and successful.

Everyone deserves the chance at success no matter how large or small they set their goals. Success is for everyone.

Tyeler Mazey is a 2011 Horatio Alger Scholar and a first year student the University of Findlay where he is studying to be a physical therapist and plays on the offensive line.  He is also a friend, who shared this with me and agreed to let me share it here.  It has been edited only for brevity.  I like his writing.

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  • Jenny

    I love this post – I told the person who wrote it I liked Firework but now because of how he put it I love that song – it means even more. Very insightful young man!

    PS I believe it said it was edited? I found several easy to fix errors – bag instead of bad for one.

  • Julie Pickering

    You have such a great perspective, Tyeler! This is a very well written and inspiring article!!

  • Tara Lynn Gust

    I love it!! It really makes you think of what your definition of “success” should be…is it really the big house or the shiny car? I would rather be poor and surrounded by people who love me than surrounded by people who may or may not like me depending on my stuff.

  • Sue mazey

    WOW! YOU know Ty as grandparants we worry about how you handle things in life but then you surprise us it is fun to watch you grow we are very proud to have you as our grandson THANK YOU Keep it up Grandpa and Grandma

  • Lauren

    This is a very special and inspirational piece of writing. I hope you realize how talented you are. It takes talent to put thoughts like this into words. Keep up the hard work. Ill be behind you every step of the way. ♥ Lauren