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Dogs and Kids and… Help?

Not long ago a friend who works in my veterinarian’s office asked me if I would be willing to spend some time with one of their clients.  The woman had a dog with some behavioral issues the office had seen me work through with one of my German Shepherd rescue dogs and thought it was a match.

I’m no big time dog trainer by a long shot, but I’m pretty good at diagnosing communication problems in families.  I spent some time with the woman and her dog and, as the expectations became more clear, the dog’s “issues” magically started to evaporate.

The other thing that happened was the dogs and kids book popped back into my head.

I’ve gone back to work on it.  I’m fascinated by the things that our relationships with our kids and with our dogs teach us.  I had  a lot of fun putting together a seminar about this last winter.

The writing is in the very early stages but am looking at some of the parent leadership lessons that are equally beneficial to our furkids and their human counterparts.

Sometimes having a title in mind helps me work and that’s why I’m turning to you. Here are a few of my beginning thoughts…  If you’ve got better ideas, I’m all ears!

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