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Can Love Conquer Abuse?

Writing What Kids Need to Succeed marked a turning point in my professional life.  Through a series of “coincidences” I had the opportunity to move from working full time with families torn apart by addiction and violence to… well…. families.  All kinds of families.

After more than twenty-five years of the former I jumped at that opportunity.

Most of my writing these days tends to focus on encouraging parents to think about the long-term impact of their day-to-day decisions.   And sharing resources to help provide their children with a solid framework to flourish as adults.

Too often those “worlds” collide. This post Are You Mothering a Mug Shot by my friend Shara Lawrence-Weiss is a powerful and poignant reminder about the very different directions that early experiences can take us.  And a most beautiful statement about choosing to use pain as a pathway to growth.

What do you think about the power of love to overcome abuse?  And  can we reach out to the Promise Ring Givers before it’s too late?

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