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NaNoWriMo: A Novel Event

What?  If you asked “NaNo…HUH???” you’re not alone.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. It can be described as: a challenge to write a ‘lousy first draft’ of a 50,000 word novel in November, a virtual community for writers, an opportunity to practice discipline…. and a lot of fun.

Although I have participated (and won) for four consecutive years I do not consider myself one of the “truly obsessed.” There are participants who start at midnight (local time) on November 1st, attend “write ins” and rack up word counts far beyond the 50,000 it takes to win.

On the other hand, there is room for people like me: a participant, donor and fan who has changed her user name at least a once after having misplaced my log-in info. I don’t get intense about it. I write. I chat a little. I participate in the occasional “word war.” I have fun. And I tend to think that every time I “officially validate” my word count and win that it will be the last time.

Still, we’re not even two full weeks into October and I find myself wondering whether (and how) I might juggle my November schedule in order to give myself over to this particular form of insanity just… one… more… time….

I could use the “I’m busy” defense but I’ve told you how I feel about THAT. When faced with allocating resources, what matters?

I love to write. I love to support other people who want to write. My family doesn’t seem to mind.

What’s this got to do with kids? And parenting? Strong literacy skills build resilience. Communication enhances opportunity.

Parents and teachers please take a look at the Young Writer’s Program… a great way to fan the flames of literacy. Check it out at the NaNoWriMo site.

But be careful — you might just find yourself getting up early to keep your kiddo company AND get your own 1667 words in before you start each of your November days!

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  • Moms Opposed to Bullying

    I would LOVE to do this. Unfortunately for me, Mother’s guilt is way to powerful a thing, and I think my kids might like to eat. I am just kidding, but the drive would be intense for me to lock myself away and write. If I do not do that, I tend to lose focus, and my story in the same breath.
    Ahhh… Someday. I am not one for procrastination, or excuses either, but I do know my limits and these last two semesters are draining me pretty fast. Thanks for sharing and GOOD LUCK! Not that you’ll need it, clearly. 🙂