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Autism, Adversity & Kindness

The latest mass-food emergency has re-opened a lot of important conversations about food, nutrition and health. In one of those conversations a friend referred me to Food, Inc. And, although maybe not completely logical, I suggested she watch Temple Grandin.

My eclectic taste in reading material introduced me to Dr Grandin’s work and I started with Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behaviour. Yes, I like dog training… and yes, I enjoyed my time learning about service dogs for kids with autism but what I love about that book is the way that she talks about different types of thinking. Her work has been instrumental in improving conditions for the animals we use for food.

Temple Grandin, the HBO movie about her life, just won at the Emmys so Dr. Grandin and her work are in the news again. Aside from being a shining example of all FOUR FOUNDATIONS Dr Grandin inspires me to think differently and, as a result, I leave you with a question.

Is it possible that the things we need to do to be more kind are the exact same things we need to do to be healthier?

autism service dog puppy

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