Four Foundations

Supersonic Inspiration

Usually mild-mannered guest poster and parenting coach gets in our faces about taking action — in the nicest possible way.

by guest poster, Keyuri Joshi

This is my absolute favorite YouTube video and I insist that you spend 5 minutes and 14 seconds to watch it!

What I love is that it is a shining example of two of Andrea’s Four Foundation principles: Hard Work and Overcoming Adversity. Go ahead. Watch the video. I’ll wait right here. But make sure you come right back — there’s more for you to do!


Well? What did you think? Inspiration is most powerful when coupled with action so why not:

* Share this video with your kids and consider an assignment that every family member can do together or alone.

* Identify a goal that is reasonable to accomplish within a month. Write it down. What steps will you take to work hard to achieve the goal? How often will you take the steps? Write them down.

* What adversities will you need to overcome to reach your goal? Write them down. Create 3 strategies in which you will overcome those adversities. Yup… you guessed it. Write them down!

* How can you help someone else overcome their adversities? Why is this important? What will be the result?

* And finally, but of vital importance; what will you do to celebrate reaching your goal. You’ve gotta celebrate!

Write us back and tell us what you accomplished. We’d love to know!

Keyuri Joshi (pronounced Kay-yuri Joe-she) is an Atlanta-based Parenting Coach and author of the On The Ball Parent blog. She knows a thing or two about the intersection of inspiration and action.

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