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Plum High School LipDub Goes for the Goals?

I am passionate about protecting and preparing kids…. so much so that sometimes I forget to lighten up and have fun.

With that in mind, no matter WHO you’d like to see take the Stanley Cup this year, I think that hockey fans around the country can appreciate this video.

Thank you Plum High School students (Pittsburgh PA) for the the talent, hard work, enthusiasm and fun you put in to this video. That really only leaves me one more thing to say about it.



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  • pbk2010

    While I do not follow sports, except baseball, I appreciate the spirit these kids exhibit in this video. I also see it as a way to build cohesiveness and unity through a shared acitivity. I think things like this, if repeated can show children that working together for the common good propduces real results, and not just in the end product, but their lives.
    Great video!

  • Andrea

    Thanks… I’ve been working on a presentation about how the ‘Four Foundations’ can apply to so many different situations….for example, these students had to face challenges/solve problems (on the ‘overcome adversity’ continuum), the hard word and discipline are pretty obvious… and look how much good feeling shows up in the ‘giving’ column…..

  • Andrea

    And, now…. equal time for Chartiers HS Class of 2010. I found their video the other day but couldn’t get it to download properly until I got back home. Enjoy!