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There’s Still Time

Yellow lab in front of Christmas tree
Why not give your best friend what she REALLY wants for Christmas?

Are you one of the millions of American pet owners who will shop for your four-legged friends this holiday season?  Want an easy gift, guaranteed to be a “hit” with your best friend?  (Well, I can’t really guarantee that I guess… but I will tell you that strange dogs have been walking up to me and “bonking” my pockets.)

Jerky Direct is, in fact, a ‘people food’ company… however, my family has been completely impressed by their Turkey Jerky Pet Strips.

First and foremost, they’re made in the US… at the same clean plant that makes snacks for humans.  Second, no matter how many times I search the ingredient list the answer is the same:  turkey, salt, sugar.  Period.

Finally, and most important, my dog’s interest and enthusiasm for training sessions is at an all time high.

Clicking on the picture above will take you directly to my online ‘store.’  If you ‘buy retail’ you’ve got more than enough time to get your order by Christmas.  Want it wholesale?  Sign up as a distributor and ‘order additional jerky.’  Your auto-ship selection will arrive in about a month… but your gifts will be shipped ASAP.

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