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I Want to Succeed But…

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Sometimes when I stop and take a look at the stats that my blogs and websites provide I get blown away.  That feeling can be caused by any number of things, especially unusually thoughtful comments or posts that draw people to them years after they were first posted.

Sometimes it’s the search terms people used to get to my blog.  That’s what it was today.  A search phrase.

“I want to succeed but feel that I can’t.”

Seeing that next to “terms people used to find your blog” elicited two conflicting reactions.  On one hand, it made me feel like crying…. on the other, I found it very inspiring.

You see, while we wrote What Kids Need to Succeed: Four Foundations of Adult Achievement for parents lots of people tell me they use it for themselves: grown-ups who did not have parental support, young adults who (with or without family) are working hard toward a better life, people who are struggling to overcome illness or injury.

There are lots of parenting books full of “how to’s” and I’ve read a lot of them.  I’m proud of having added a book to help parents maintain a hopeful, positive attitude.  And hearing from people who are using the book to “edit” their own life stories touches my heart.  It brings to mind the expression “it’s never too late to have a happy childhoood.”

Regardless of the discipline, small shifts in focus and the willingness to apply a different interpretation can be useful in our personal development. Lots of successful people have had to overcome significant self doubt. They fail a lot.  They keep trying until they find what works… then they do more of it!

So to the people who typed “I want to succeed but feel that I can’t” into Google and ended up here: Thank you for stopping by.

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