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Lineage on the Path: RIP & Thank You Mr. Seabolt

In What Kids Need to Succeed:Four Foundations of Adult Achievement we wrote a great deal about the importance of example and discipline in helping children to prepare to successfully navigate adult life. Lots of parents use youth sports to supplement their own efforts to teach discipline.  (Yes…. I think that discipline is a skill set as opposed to ‘punishment.’)

I like this post  Lineage on the Path: RIP & Thank You Mr. Seabolt for several reasons:

1) I’ve seen this Sensei share aikido with little kids.  She strikes a wonderful balance between discipline, hard work and fun — a great message for all of us.

2) It gives me the opportunity to brag about my husband, Senior Samurai and his blog.  I love that he re-discovered and re-started his aikido practice well after the age of sixty!

3) I occasionally attend this dojo’s practice and am trying to learn to photograph this fast-moving martial art.  I admit to liking the portraits, like this one, a bit better.

4) I like the way my husband writes about every day life events and ties them to his practice.

If you were kind enough to read this far, here’s another link to a lovely post.   Lineage on the Path: RIP & Thank You Mr. Seabolt


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