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Today it gets to be ‘about’ me

Confession: I feel very much like a did as I a young mom: both excited and exhausted, simultaneously craving sleep and wondering if it is possible to give it up  completely… at least until I feel caught up. I honestly don’t know if I’m feeling lazy or just stretched in too many directions at once.  It is possible, however, that given the depth and the breadth of my interests combined with the sheer number of projects I am willing to start on any given day, I may finally be old enough to realize “feeling caught up” is not in my future.

I have been working on a new site for the training, speaking and consulting that I do. When I am ready to publish that one, I’d like to “merge” this blog with the original What Kids Need to Succeed site. The Original Parenting Toolkit (a downloadable version of What Kids Need to Succeed along with a blog-based e-book and some samples from fellow parenting author-friends) is available as a download… but waiting for a landing page.

So today, while I’m waiting for the ‘tech cavalry’ to kick in, I’m taking the easy way out. Here are links to some favorite posts.

* My friend, Atlanta-based parenting coach insisted on sending along the story of Ricochet, the service dog drop-out who found her higher purpose.

* I appreciate the fact that people read these posts and want to know about the book.

* While I think that towns and cities are responsible to their citizens, I had a tough time getting my mind around a lawsuit that came from riding a bike through a pothole.

* I’m always on the lookout for ideas, materials and organizations to help families. Take a look and send suggestions if you have them!

Dale Carnegie Meets Mr. Rogers???? It’s a classic example of taking something that works in one area and trying it in another.

Do you have any favorites you’d like to see the next time I’m feeling crunched for time?  Let me know…  post ’em in contact or e-mail me…

After all, it could happen again!

Andrea Patten pic with Tom Selleck

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